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Emigrating October 7, 2009

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This blog is emigrating to misaditas.me.uk.

Catch you on the flip side 🙂


An Update & Thinky Thoughts October 7, 2009

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Kelzarion stands at just over 2K. It should be around 7K, so I am way off schedule.

The edit of “Clothes Maketh the Man” is about 90% done, and I need to check on the ScapeCast forums in case I’ve had any more feedback on that. I think I need to rework “Lots of Energy in a Teeny Tiny Space”. Must ask about that.

I could also do with emailing Keith again and bothering him about the comic. I want to ask him a few questions about drafting a story as well.

And I’m still in two minds as to whether I should make misaditas.me.uk my official site or not. It’s paid for and everything, and I can’t really afford another website at the moment, but does the URL give the right impression? I’m not sure.

On the other hand, “misaditas” is the name I’m known for. If we’re talking about ready-made-platforms, I think I should stick to my ‘brand’ no matter how unintentional that was.

Some progress October 2, 2009

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Yesterday I wrote 767 words on my ScapeCast article and 808 of Kelzarion.

Today I’ve managed a measely 97 words based on the Word of the Day and some editing on the article. All because I’ve caught my daughter’s cold and feel dreadful. No 1K, editing on Resurgence or plotting for Out of Time *sighs*

Tomorrow I’m at my parents’ house for the day, but hopefully will be able to squeeze in some writing in the evening. Assuming I feel better.

Plans for October October 1, 2009

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31K on dark sci fi novel Kelzarion
“Clothes Maketh the Man?” – an article for ScapeCast on Crais
One other article (theme not yet decided)
Continuing edit/rewrite on Resurgence
Plotting on Out of Time – NaNoWriMo project